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Attends Classic Unisex Incontinence Briefs Underwear Heavy to Severe M/L/XL

Attends Classic Unisex Incontinence Briefs Underwear Heavy to Severe M/L/XL

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Attends Classic Briefs are high-performance briefs with tabs used when the resident has routine loss of urine for heavy to severe incontinence protection. Attends designed this professional-grade adult brief for superior acquisition, skin wellness, dryness, and odor control for total comfort and skin wellness. The soft, breathable side panels allow more airflow for drier and healthier skin. The Single Core Plus layer increases absorbency with polymers that lock in moisture and neutralize odor. Controlling odors and offering a quiet, cloth-like inner and outer material is just another way that Attends Classic Adult Briefs add confidence and dignity.

The Attends Classic Disposable Brief with flexible Comfort Flex-Tabs makes it easy to apply and refasten anywhere on the brief. Make sure to reference the size chart below to find the best fit and performance. Choose from Sizes Medium (Attends BRB20), Regular (Attends BRB25), Large (Attends BRB30), and X-Large (Attends BRB40). Caregivers may also want to wear nitrile gloves when changing the brief.



  • Breathable Material: Breathable side panels allow for ventilation necessary in maintaining comfortable skin and skin wellness.
  • Supersorb Dryness Layer: This wicking layer quickly draws in moisture to the core.
  • Single Core Plus: Advanced Absorbent Technology allows this core to have heavy absorbency and lock it in to prevent leakage.
  • Comfort Flex-Tabs: The tabs are soft and flexible to stretch where it's needed for a secure fit. It also can be placed anywhere and refastened as needed.
Attends Classic Brief Technology


How to Apply

In-Bed Application

  1. Open the brief so it's flat with the soft side open.
  2. Roll the resident to a side position next to the open brief using the wetness indicator to align the resident's coccyx.
  3. Gently roll the resident on their back and pull the brief up between the legs.
  4. Smooth the side panels across the hips making sure it's even on both sides of the waist.
  5. Position leg gathers to remove excess skin to have a natural crease at the groin.
  6. One side at a time, fasten the tabs and adjust if necessary to get a secure fit.
Attends Classic In-Bed Application


Standing Application

  1. Open the brief completely and fold lengthwise with the inner lining facing inside to slide the brief between the resident's legs.
  2. Open the back of the brief aligning the resident's coccyx with the wetness indicator.
  3. Pull up the front of the brief so that it's snug against the perineum.
  4. Smooth out the side panels so that it's even on both sides of the hips.
  5. Position the leg gathers as needed and move any excess skin so that there is a natural crease at the groin.
  6. Fasten the tabs and adjust as needed to create a comfortable and secure fit.
Attends Classic Standing Application


Seated/Wheelchair Application

  1. Help the resident stand up and balance to safely apply the brief.
  2. Lay the brief flat on the seat with the soft side on top.
  3. Center the resident with the brief and help them sit down.
  4. Align the back of the brief with the resident's coccyx.
  5. Pull the front of the brief to get a snug fit on the perineum.
  6. Smooth out the side panels to get a natural crease at the groin and gently move any excess skin.
  7. Once the brief is centered and ready to fasten, use tape tabs to hold the brief in place. Adjust if necessary.



  • Disposable for Easy Cleaning
  • Outperforms Competitive Brands
  • Fast Fluid Acquisition for Superior Leakage Control
  • Absorbent Core for Better Resident Outcomes and Lower Facility Costs
  • Wetness Indicator Changes Color
  • Neutralizes Odor
  • Adjustable Side Tab Closures
  • Soft and Quiet Outer and Inner Layers
  • Increased Airflow at Side Panels


  • Manufacturer: Attends
  • Absorbency Level: Heavy
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Sizes: Medium, Regular Large, X-Large
  • Medium Fit: Waist 32 to 44 Inches
  • Regular Fit: Waist 44 to 56 Inches
  • Large Fit: Waist 44 to 58 Inches
  • X-Large Fit: Waist 56 to 63 Inches
  • Application: Heavy to Severe Bladder and Bowel Incontinence
  • HCPCS Code: T4522

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