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Attends Supersorb Advanced Breathable Maximum Underpads Bed Pad Chux

Attends Supersorb Advanced Breathable Maximum Underpads Bed Pad Chux

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Attends Supersorb Advanced Breathable Maximum Underpads Bed Pad Chux ✅✅✅

Who Buys This Product: Attends Supersorb Breathable Underpads Super Absorbency are great or caregivers of incontinent adults who are looking for a dependable and comfortable way to reduce accidents.

Why You’ll Love This Product: These underpads are stronger and stay drier longer than other brands.

Supersorb Breathables Underpads are Disposable Underpads manufactured by Attends to provide all-in-one Incontinence Protection for the patient and the bed mattress. These underpads are designed as breathable bed pads to help maintain healthy skin and to help prevent skin breakdown for bed-ridden patients. Supersorb has been proven to dramatically reduce Stage I and II pressure ulcers. Classified as a Ultra-Max Absorbent underpad, the Subersorb Underpad lock fluids away from the skin to keep the skin drier and more comfortable. Supersorb Underpads are latex free and utilize an embossed pattern for strength.

Features & Benefits

  • Breathable and helps to prevent odor.
  • Designed for patients with high risk of skin breakdown.
  • Super absorbent, polymer channels lock in fluids away from skin.
  • Nearly three times stronger than standard pads.
  • Air-permeable layers allow air to flow through, promoting healthy skin.
  • Air-permeable for patients with high risk of skin breakdown.
  • Stays more than four times drier than the competition’s brand.
  • Soft, cloth-like topsheet covers entire surface to promote healthy skin.
  • Super absorbent polymer channels and locks fluids away from skin.
  • All-in-one specialty use disposable underpad for both patient and bed protection.
  • Nearly three times stronger than standard underpads.
  • Leak-resistant, non-slip backsheet

Products Specifications

  • Width Options: 23 or 30 Inch.
  • Length: 36 Inch
  • Absorbency Level: Ultra Max.
  • Backsheet Color: Purple.
  • Topsheet: Cloth-like material.
  • Backsheet: Water proof.
  • Leak-resistant.
  • Embossed Pattern.
  • Latex-free.
  • Disposable.
  • Packaging: Pack of 5, Case of 60, Case of 70.
  • Manufacturer: Attends Healthcare Products.
  • Brand: Supersorb Breathables.
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