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Prevail Breezers Incontinence Underwear Diaper Briefs, Ultimate, R/M/L/XL

Prevail Breezers Incontinence Underwear Diaper Briefs, Ultimate, R/M/L/XL

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Prevail Breezers Adult Briefs - Ultimate Absorbency are ideal for ultimate leakage protection and offer exceptional performance and comfort. Prevail Breezers are high-quality adult briefs, offering superlative protection against moderate to heavy incontinence. These adult briefs feature Skin Smart Fabric, made with Vitamin E and natural botanicals Aloe and Chamomile to protect, soothe, and promote healthy skin. Prevail Breezers have a breathable cloth-like outer fabric, for additional wearer comfort and "rustle-free" discreetness. Each brief is constructed with a discreet core technology, which allows for thinner, highly-absorbent material that enables the user to move more freely and confidently.

Prevail Breezers Briefs Highlights

  • Prevail Odor Guard Technology
  • Easy Lock Fasteners
  • DriFit System
  • MaxSoft Technology
  • Thinner Absorbent Cores

Why choose Prevail Breezers Adult Briefs?

First Quality Prevail Breezers Ultimate Absorbency Adult Briefs are unisex have the most performance and comfort enhancing features available in an adult brief.
    • Cloth-like Outer Fabric:
      Soft and breathable outer fabric is more comfortable for the wearer and reduces the risk of skin irritation from the traditional plastic backed incontinence products.

    • Breathable Zones:
      Ventilated areas in the brief allow air to freely migrate to the wearer, helping maintain skin wellness and comfort by reducing heat build-up. The breathable zones keep skin cooler and reduce the risk of irritation.

    • Easy-Lock Fasteners (ELF):
      Reattaching closure tabs grip and hold without being sticky for a secure fit with less chance of irritating the skin. ELF will not stick to skin or gloves but will attach anywhere on the outer fabric for easy application and a customized fit. They allow for a softer and more maneuverable small flap to ensure a successful closure. ELF will attach over and over again without adhesives, reducing waste and promoting sizing reductions because there is no limit where the tab can go.

    • Provides a new level of protection and skin comfort to help maintain healthy skin.

    • Skin Smart Fabric:
      Skin health is an ongoing concern for those living with Loss of Bladder or Bowel Control (LOBC). Prevail Breezers keep skin dry while providing skin caring benefits. This breakthrough material is made with Vitamin E and natural botanicals Aloe and Chamomile, which are known for protecting, soothing and promoting healthy skin. These details can become a dramatic step towards improving overall skin wellness. Skin Smart Fabric:
      • Keeps skin comfortable and dry - The fabric quickly wicks urine and locks moisture away from the skin even when the product is under pressure of body weight.
      • Promotes skin integrity - The larger breathable surface areas allow skin to breathe. The reduction in excess heat prevents perspiration and susceptibility to irritants and microbial growth.
      • Provides hypo-allergenic care with Vitamin E and natural botanicals - The inner layer of the Prevail Breezers that comes in contact with the skin is enriched with skincare ingredients that will not wipe off or impede its ability to wick away and lock up liquid.

    • Helps Reduce Odor:
      Odor Guard stops odors before they start. Odor protection is critical to achieving normalcy of life quality. Prevail Breezers feature Odor Guard technology. Combined with a super absorbent polymer for dual protection, Odor Guard reduces the total amount of odor-causing ammonia formed during and after use. This odor-reducing detail improves the air quality in long-term care and creates a friendlier environment that ultimately influences staff, resident and family satisfaction.
      • Superior odor control when and where it matters - When urine gets mixed with air, the naturally occurring bacteria breaks it down to form a strong odor. Prevail Breezers effectively controls odor formation when and where it happens.
      • Helps prevent odors before they are formed - Prevail Breezers with Odor Guard reduces the total ammonia that is formed within the incontinence product.
      • Helps absorb any odor that may still get generated - The super absorbent polymer absorbs any odor that may still be generated before urine degrades into the open environment.

    • Super Quick And Super Soft:
      It is not easy to combine performance-grade leakage protection with skin-friendly softness and comfort. Prevail Breezers feature the proprietary Quick Wick layer with Maximum Soft Technology, which provides advanced softness with rapid liquid acquisition speed to deliver optimal product performance. These seemingly small details can improve skin health by keeping skin more dry and reducing leakage in a way that feels soothingly soft to the skin. It quickly wicks fluid away from the body and pulls it into the brief, keeping the skin dry.
      • Softness one can touch
      • Changing the funnel pattern, size, shape, arrangement and reducing height makes the fabric feel softer. Smaller openings create less friction and are less noticeable.
      • Greater and faster absorbency - Increased number of funnels create a more permeable film. The unique arrangement of the funnels maintains the integrity and stability of the area of acquisition layer for absorption.

  • Move Freely With More Discretion:
    People with LOBC want to move about freely without the worry of leakage. They count on thicker products for absorption of unpredictable leaks even if they are not very discreet and often limit their movements. Prevail Breezers have innovative new materials and the manufacturing expertise that make it possible to absorb more liquid with less bulky materials.
    • Discreet absorbency - The discreet core technology allows for thinner products that are highly absorbent so users can move more freely.
    • Comfortable protection - These thinner products lock up the liquid away from the skin and can absorb more than its actual weight.

Prevail Breezers Adult Briefs - Ultimate Absorbency
    1. Skin Smart Fabric

    1. Odor Guard

    1. Breathable Zones

    1. Cloth-Like Outer Fabric

    1. Easy-Lock Fastener

    1. QUICK WICK With MaxSoft

  1. DriFit
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