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Tranquility Essential Unisex Incontinence Underwear Pull Up Diapers, L/XL/XXL

Tranquility Essential Unisex Incontinence Underwear Pull Up Diapers, L/XL/XXL

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Tranquility Essential Disposable Absorbent Underwear is for incontinence. The inner core is highly absorbent to wick away moisture to help keep your skin dry. By locking urine away, this Tranquility Essential Disposable Underwear protects you from other problems as well. For instance, when urine mixes with stool, it can promote the growth of bacteria and viruses.

Each pair comes with a soft, cloth-like outer covering built from non-woven polypropylene. A soft inner lining (made from wood pulp) caresses your skin to increase comfort. Super Absorbent Polymers in the core lock moisture and odors away. Breathable sides allow for airflow, which helps reduce heat. Lower heat helps bring more comfort and less sweating. That promotes a healthier environment free from fungal infections.

An elastic waistband and leg cuffs create a better, more comfortable fit and help prevent leaks. The full-rise design of the Essential Incontinence Underwear provides support for the buttocks. Blue waist elastics indicate the back of the Essential Underwear. Each pair also comes with the words FRONT and BACK imprinted on them.

Changing the Essential Disposable Underwear is easy as well. They slip on and off, just like a traditional pair of underwear. But they also have tear-away side seams so you can make a change without the need to get out of bed.

- The product has two cuffs around each leg - an outer leg and an inner leg.
- The inner cuff is proprietery (Kufgaurd) - it directs wetness back into the core of the underwear.
- Both cuffs work together to reduce or eliminate leaks.

Who the Product Is For?

Youth with incontinence
- Adults with incontinence
- Care facilities

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Easy pleasant transaction, shipped extremely fast, arrived in 2 business days.

Steven H.

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