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Wings Quilted Premium MVP Underpads Bed Chair Chux Heavy, 23 x 36 & 30 x 36 ️️

Wings Quilted Premium MVP Underpads Bed Chair Chux Heavy, 23 x 36 & 30 x 36 ️️

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Wings Quilted Premium MVP Underpads Bed Chair Chux Heavy, 23 x 36 & 30 x 36 ✔️✔️

Wings Quilted Premium MVP Underpads, formerly Simplicity, are the MVP of underpads with maximum absorbency protection. These underpads are highly effective disposable underpads that have the ability to absorb large quantities of fluid. They have been newly redesigned to be even more absorbent than past Wings quilted models.

Wings Quilted have a highly absorbent nonwoven airlaid core that locks in moisture. Airlaid material is a soft, comfortable, lint-resistant nonwoven material that stays durable, even when wet. In addition to a high-grade, highly absorbent core, Wings Quilted Premium MVP is designed with a moisture-permeable backsheet that simultaneously keeps bedding dry and directs moisture away from the user. These features combined keep users drier and more comfortable than they would be with competing underpads and help prevent moisture-related skin damage. In addition, this backsheet is made out of robust, cloth-like material, so they do not tear easily.

In addition to this high-quality product, Wings Quilted Breathable Underpads and Wings Quilted Overnight Briefs are other great incontinence options. Wings Quilted Breathable Underpads backsheet technology is breathable to keep patients more comfortable and works well with a low air loss bed.


Why Choose an Airlaid Core?

Airlaid is composed of chemically bonded nonwoven fibers that are interlaid with air. This composition and bonding process makes airlaid material stronger than woven materials. This includes when the material is wet. It is also softer, doesn’t scratch, and is static- and lint-resistant. Airlaid material is great for underpads as it is soft and comfortable without losing absorbency.



  • Protects Bedding
  • Super-Absorbent Nonwoven Airlaid
  • Moisture-Permeable Backsheet
  • Backsheet Controls Moisture
  • Backsheet Directs Moisture Away from the User
  • Disposable


Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Simplicity
  • Brand: Wings
  • Absorbency: Heavy Absorbency
  • Usage: Disposable
  • Absorbent Material: Nonwoven Airlaid
  • Backsheet Material: Cloth-Like
  • Backsheet Color: White
  • Sizes: 23 x 36 Inches, 30 x 30 Inches, 30 x 36 Inches
  • Application: Incontinence Underpad
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