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Swimmates Adult Disposable Incontinence Swimwear Diapers Briefs, S/M/L/XL/2XL

Swimmates Adult Disposable Incontinence Swimwear Diapers Briefs, S/M/L/XL/2XL

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Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diapers are discreet, private and comfortable solution for aqua therapy or any day water activities. These waterproof diapers for adults can be worn under a bathing suit to provide confidential and complete containment of bowel incontinence in public or group settings. Swimmates adult swim briefs contain a blue moisture-proof barrier which provides light urinary incontinence protection prior to entering the water.

Why choose Swimmates Disposable Swim Diapers?

  • Bowel containment swimwear
  • Disposable
  • Cloth-like
  • Waterproof back sheet
  • Tear away side seams
  • Unisex

Tranquility Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diapers Features

      • Tranqility Diapers help people with incontinence who feel stigmatized and keep themselves from going out and enjoying regular activities to overcome it
      • Blue rear waist elastic on ample, full-rise waist panel and gentle leg elastics provide a better and comfortable fit that is very easy to pull up and down
      • Kufguards (Inner leg cuffs) help contain bowel incontinence, keeping both the pool and bathing suit clean
      • Adult swimming diapers are designed to have minimal swelling which prevents them from breaking apart in the water
      • Tear the side seams after use for easy removal and disposal
      • Contrary to popular misunderstanding, adult disposable swim diapers are not absorbent for urine
      • Form-fitting of discreet swim diapers for adults make it easier to hide under the swim suit
      • Light odor control

Benefits of Swimmates Adult Diapers

    • Slim and tight fitting adult swim briefs are worn discreetly under regular bathing suits
    • Adult Swim Diapers are used by people whose fear of incontinence alters their experience in the pool
    • Protect the swimmers as they are built with an absorbent lining and a watertight outer shell
    • Pulling on a pair of absorbent adult swim diapers allow the user to enjoy swimming and take the life back from incontinence
    • Leg gatherings hold in leakage, yet remain high on the hips to become discreet beneath the bathing suits
    • After swimming, all one has to do is pull the diaper off and toss it in the trash
    • Leg and waist elastics hold in solid or liquid feces so that it does not contaminate the pool water
    • Usually required by the public pools to protect the pool from bowel accidents
    • Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diapers can be used in public and private swimming pools either by themselves or over a cloth or disposable diaper, pad or other product to prevent leakage
    • Properly sized waterproof diapers for adults will not leak and will not let the pool water soak in
    • Typical adult diapers can soak up the water and weigh down the swimmer whereas Swimmates swim diapers for adults allow water to pass through so that it does not soak up
    • Chemicals in the pool water can easily handle urine contamination, but bowel accidents contain bacteria that are not always handled by them
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