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TENA Complete Incontinence Adult Underwear Briefs Diapers, Moderate M/L/XL, 72 Count

TENA Complete Incontinence Adult Underwear Briefs Diapers, Moderate M/L/XL, 72 Count

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TENA Complete Briefs are an innovative solution to adult incontinence. The adult pull-ups keep wearers dry, comfortable, and secure. These attributes improve confidence, allowing people to lead an active lifestyle without worrying about leaks, odor, or bulky underwear.



The unique two-core system, called DuoLock, is an innovative approach to incontinence briefs. It allows the even distribution of absorbent polymer and pulp. The small core pulls liquid away from the skin to reduce itchy irritations. The second larger core locks the moisture in place so that it can’t escape TENA Complete Incontinence Briefs. These briefs feature advanced technology outlined below. We’ve also included sizing instructions.


TENA Complete Adult Incontinent Brief delivers comfort with form-fitted contours that match the body’s natural curves. Wearers and caregivers alike will appreciate the wetness indicator. A quick visual inspection will readily reveal the presence of liquid, saving time and money while letting a patient sleep undisturbed.


The TENA Complete Unisex Underwear has EZFasten, a secure method to hold the protective briefs in place comfortably. It consists of a two-tab fastening system that helps prevent leaks, allows for repeated refastening, and gently clings without cutting vital circulation.


  • Dual-Core Absorption Prevents Leaks
  • Moisture-Wicking to Prevent Maceration
  • Elastic Leg Gathers Holds Liquids Inside
  • Comfortable and Secure Fastening System
  • Easy-to-Check Wetness Indicator
  • Soft Materials for Comfort
  • NAFC-Approved


  • Manufacturer: TENA
  • Sizes: Medium (32-44-Inch Waist), Large (40-56-Inch Waist), X-Large (52-62-Inch Waist)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Absorbency: Moderate
  • Usage: Single-Use, Disposable
  • Topsheet Material: Cloth-Like
  • Closure Type: Tab-Style Closure
  • Colors: White, Blue, or Beige
  • Application: Incontinence Underwear
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