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Tranquility Essential Booster Pads, Heavy Absorbency, Youth, Regular, Long

Tranquility Essential Booster Pads, Heavy Absorbency, Youth, Regular, Long

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Tranquility Incontinence Booster Pad is a soft, flow-through pad designed for adult incontinence. Engineered to fill to capacity and then pass additional fluid into the primary garment, these booster underpads are easy to change and dispose of for optimal hygiene. With a moderate to heavy absorbent capacity, these adult incontinence pads come in a variety of different sizes to suit a wide range of users. 

Essential Incontinence Booster Pads keep the skin drier, more comfortable, and healthier while maintaining a fluff core for enhanced comfort. Each one of the booster underpads increases the capacity of any disposable brief or undergarment, helping maintain a moisture-free environment while providing the highest level of comfort.


Features and Benefits

  • Designed To Fill to Capacity and Pass Additional Fluid Into the Primary Garment
  • Easy To Change and Dispose of for Optimal Hygiene
  • Available in a Variety of Different Sizes To Suit a Wide Range of Users
  • Effectively Keeps the Skin Drier and More Comfortable


How To Apply Essential Booster Pads

  • Remove the release paper from the adhesive strip and throw away.
  • Position in the target area of the briefs.
  • For women, fold the booster pad in half with the adhesive strip adhering to itself and position in the undergarment for double-layer absorbency.
  • For men, do not remove the adhesive backing. Fold the booster pad over the top of the penis with the release paper to the outside, apply the absorbent undergarment as usual.
  • For both, position the booster pad horizontally across the stomach with the adhesive side up.
  • Apply the absorbent undergarment as usual and adhere to the pad. It may also be put over each hip.
  • Change as often as necessary for a dry experience.


Sizing Guide

  • Heavy Youth (2770): 3.25 x 12 Inches
  • Heavy Regular (2760): 4.25 x 12.25 Inches
  • Heavy Long (2762): 5.25 x 15 Inches


Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Tranquility
  • Brand: Tranquility
  • User: Adult
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Topsheet Color: White
  • Usage: Disposable
  • Size Options: Youth, Regular, Long
  • Usage: Disposable
  • Absorbent Core Material: Polymer Core
  • Backsheet Material: Cloth-Like
  • Backsheet Color: White
  • Absorbency: Heavy, Moderate
  • Application: Incontinence Booster Pads
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