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Tranquility Super/Ultimate/Overnight Unisex Personal Care Incontinence Pads

Tranquility Super/Ultimate/Overnight Unisex Personal Care Incontinence Pads

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Protect yourself from incontinence with Tranquility Personal Care Pads! Featuring Tranquility’s well-known Peach Mat Core, these pads are packed with super absorbent polymers that soak up liquids, reduce odor, and protect delicate skin from damage. Leg elastics provide extra support by cupping close to the body, locking urine inside the pad. Easily attach these to your underwear with the adhesive backing, and when you’re done, just remove the pad and throw it away. Ideal for anyone that needs protection from bladder incontinence, these pads give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Key Benefits

  • Peach Mat Core locks away liquid and turns it into a gel, leaving the top sheet feeling dry and soft against your skin
  • Cloth-like backing is comfortable and silent, so you can enjoy discretion
  • Adhesive strip fastens to your underwear and holds tight, so the pad stays on as long as you need it to
  • Leg elastics conform to the body and provide targeted protection from leaks
  • Odor reduction technology neutralizes odors in urine, so you feel more confident
  • Manufactured in USA

Who Should Use These?

Tranquility Personal Care Pads are ideal for:

  • Those experiencing mild or stress incontinence
  • Those that lead a relatively active lifestyle
  • Those caring for themselves

How Do You Use This Product?

Use the adhesive strip to secure the pad to the interior liner of your underwear.

  • - Tranquility Personal Care Pads are pads to protect against leakage due to urinary incontinence.
  • - Designed with an adhesive strip to stick to the liner of your underwear.
  • - Water-proof backing to help protect against leakage.
  • - The soft core keeps your skin dry and protects against odor.
  •   - Latex-free
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